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Spoon Sports 4-2-1 Header for S2000
Designed for Stock and Mildly Modified Engines. This is the same Header used on Spoon Sports N1 S2000 Race cars In accordance with considerable demand for a balance between peak power and torque, this exhaust manifold has been provided in the capacity of a tuning part. In its development, Spoon has implemented all possible combinations of pipe diameter, assembly rotation, and other similar factors in exhaustive engine-bench, flow-bench, and actual-driving tests. Accordingly, power and torque were successfully balanced, and by both including a bulge in the assembly-collector section and using slightly uneven lengths for pipes, it was possible to achieve our target of reduced weight. Furthermore, without any reduction in low-speed torque, the discharge of gas was carried out forcibly from the exhaust port in the high-speed range, and the results of this showed that it has also been possible to achieve increased replenishment efficiency for the combustion chambers. In other words, Spoon Sports has been successful in the development of a dedicated S-model exhaust manifold with a real increase in power.


00-02 S2000


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