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Spoon Sports Air Filter
An extremely large volume of air is drawn into the engine when the throttle is opened fully. When the throttle is closed, an inertial force acts on this air, causing it to be compressed inside the air box. When the throttle is subsequently opened, the interior of the box is subjected to a vacuum and the outside air is drawn in more vigorously than usual. In other words, the inertial mass of the intake air can be used to intensify the heavy chain action of the induction box. Accordingly, the air-intake system of Honda vehicles is considerably complicated, and in accordance with the fact that this enables an excellent pulsing behavior to be realized, random replacement of the air box and/or the intake piping is not recommended. In the case of NA engines with 100 hp or more per 1000 cc, these components have a very important role to play. Accordingly, the Spoon air cleaner was tested with the focus on reducing air resistance to the lowest-possible level, while at the same time utilizing the pulsing operation in the same way at on the normal configuration. It was subsequently possible to successfully achieve optimum matching for the complicated intake system, and excellent results were recorded in racing and other situations.

Extreme care must be taken in the development of the intake system, and although extremely effective, these components are the most difficult to design for high-performance engines. Furthermore, since exhaust gas flows at high speed and temperature, it would be possible to choose this for handling with some components; however, the speed of air on the intake side is slow and only limited means are available. In accordance with this, it is important to consider the reduction of intake resistance, the securing of in-flow passages, and other similar factors in a much more comprehensive fashion.

  92-00 Prelude $135
  Integra $170
  Integra RSX $170
  02+ Civic $170
  02+ Civic $135
  96-00 Civic $135
  92-95 $135
  88-91 $135
  Del Sol $135
  00+ S2000 $275

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