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Spoon Sports LSD Kit
A differing degree of load is applied to the drive shaft's wheels when cornering or accelerating. As a result, the normal-configuration differential allows torque to escape to the drive wheel with the lowest load whenever the accelerator is depressed or released; consequently, it becomes difficult to achieve ideal braking during neither cornering nor optimum control of the vehicle during acceleration.

The purpose of the LSD is to control this escaping torque by restricting differential functionality in order that sufficient traction may be maintained with the road surface, and it does this by monitoring the differences in speed and torque at the left and right wheels. In other words, the LSD is an indispensable piece of equipment for sporty driving. Spoon employs a 1.5-way, mechanical-type of LSD—a configuration noted for its ease of use in FF vehicles; consequently, it has become possible to achieve a degree of functionality, which is not even comparable to that of the mass-production differential. Furthermore, side bearings which high strength and high resistance to extreme pressurization have been added to the specification in consideration of ease-of-assembly and maintenance.

  AP1 $1,175
  DC2R $1,160

EG2, EK4


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